Organization Diagnostics

Organization Diagnostics
A vital Leader competency is to understand the organization’s alignment to Vision and Goals. Data and experience indicate most organizations do not successfully execute their strategy as alignment is not attained. Stove Pipes, Silos, Personal Agendas, and Black Swans take the organization off-track. CRE helps Leaders better see and understand their current state via structured Focus Groups and Heat Map Analysis. The diagnostics allow CRE to typically offer recommendations how to immediately gain increases in Organization Effectiveness before anyone says implement Lean, Six Sigma, or Lean Six Sigma or other such structured improvement approaches. 


CRE recognizes that a large number of Leaders operate in the moment, hair on fire, as they contend with daily issues. CRE postures Leaders to better understand Foresight and the tools available to better see beyond the daily fires: CRE prompts Leaders to gain a more Future-oriented perspective that allows Leaders to begin to see the Future as a state that can be anticipated and shaped as opposed to simply blending day to day, week to week, year to year. CRE links this Future perspective to cost, benefit, and amplified Organization Performance. Note shaping the Future requires Change Management.

Change Management

The identified need to operate in Beta Mode mandates that Leaders are skilled in Change Management. There are numerous cookie cutter change management models available; however, each misses a critical point: Change efforts will fail without understanding and leveraging the human element from an affective approach well prior to any rational-based effort. CRE uses Change Plus 7© as the technique of choice for Change Management. This organic approach ensures people impacted by change have the time to engage in sensemaking, ask questions, offer input, etc., before change is implemented if time permits. In Beta Mode every Leader is a Change Leader. CRE can assist you in upskilling your Leadership team in the Change Management domain.

Leader Development and Engagement

CRE takes a hard position on Organization Effectiveness given its focus on Leader Engagement versus Employee Engagement. In every case, the Leader is responsible for organizational performance to include low Employee Engagement percentages. This is difficult for many in Leadership; however, if the Leader is not responsible for organizational performance then who is? In today’s VUCA environment it becomes ever more necessary to develop the organization’s Leaders, to upskill them in the people and process issues that universally impact organizations. 

CRE offers curated, distilled Leader Development learning modules that can be taken online, via a hybrid approach, or onsite to gain immediate performance improvement. Each Leader development module has been academically researched for currency and for validity in today’s VUCA environment. As importantly, each Leader development module has been stripped of fluff to ensure its immediate practical value, value that directly translates to ROI for the development time: CRE does not weave yarn to amplify Leader performance.

Of note, learning modules typically include self-study via assigned readings and homework designed to implement the material real-time. The homework, in effect, ensures that the organization has not wasted money and other resources as the participant is expected to immediately utilize new ideas, concepts, and approaches. This is of utmost importance to CRE as we believe in real-time ROI to pay for our products and services.

Process Design and Improvement

As part of its sociotechnical approach CRE offers process design and process improvement support. Hammer and Company Process Master, Theory of Constraint Jonah, and Lean certifications are resident within CRE. Along with the certifications we have years of concrete experience facilitating design and improvement efforts, e.g., Value Stream Mapping, Rapid Improvement Events, and modifying Theory of Constraint Drum Buffer Rope efforts to support administrative improvements.

Conflict Management

Conflict is an inherent part of every organization. One sees this phenomenon play out in the media everyday as post-pandemic issues abound. How conflict is identified and managed impacts the work climate and overall performance. CRE considers every interaction between and among Leaders and Followers an opportunity to negate conflict and to reduce Follower desires to Quiet Quit and/or unionize. CRE can assist your organization with not only understanding the underlying causes of organizational conflict but with the development of a comprehensive Conflict Management approach.

Managed Services

CRE has the ability to contract and execute the above critical functions for your organization.

Coaching and Mentoring

Effective Leaders know the value of a second set of eyes as well as the need for an outside, detached perspective when a difficult issue arises. CRE offers this as a service not only to the seasoned Leader but to the aspiring Leader who typically is not versed in the nuances of the Art and Science of Leadership in general.

Coming Soon: Online Learning Modules

CRE DEVELOPS, maintains, and updates Leader learning modules as part of its product and services offering. These modules will begin to be available for download as separate topical learning modules or as a bundled package for deeper understanding. These learning modules have been curated and reflect the distillation of academic and empirical studies. Each learning module contains references for yet more self-study and topic mastery. Our go-live date is June 5, 2023.