Systems Thinking: It’s The End of The World As We Know It And I Feel Fine (R.E.M.)

Systems Thinking, at its core, is about interdependencies and relationships. Systems Thinking, if used, cautions the Leader to delve deeply into an issue before making decisions as the Butterfly Effect is inevitable. Systems Thinking indicates that fully understanding a system is most difficult as all the interdependencies and relationships of the various subsystems – complete […]

Hunter Biden & Power: A Dimension of Culture

A Dimension of Culture

The disparity between Hunter Biden’s plea deal and Kodak Black’s prison sentence speaks directly to a Dimension of Culture that is often misunderstood by Leaders in the workplace, i.e., Power Distance. The seminal work on culture remains Hofstede, Hofstede, and Minkov’s 2010 publication Cultures and organizations: Software of the mind: Intercultural cooperation and its importance […]

Union Organizing and Collective Bargaining

Context President Biden recently signed an Executive Order intended to expand union organizing and collective bargaining. The Executive Order’s impact will not be felt in the near-term as input and recommendations are not due for 180 days; however, the intent is clear – it is the Federal government’s desire to expand both unions and collective […]

Fixes That Fail: A Systems Thinking Archetype

As a student and practitioner of Foresight I see the mantra Burn It all Down through the lens of different Futures, i.e., what might be one of many different Futures. One never knows what the Future will be yet there is a relentless push by a subpopulation of society with both the will and the […]